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4 February 2011

Re:  Hawkie’s Lend A Wing Fund Donation

To All Concerned:

We will never be able to thank you for all the generous assistance you have provided for our Warriors and Families.

I want to take a moment to tell you how the funds have been distributed and you will surely understand how much this has meant to the families that you have helped.

A Warrior mangled his hand on a gun turret while on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. For his family we were able to pay one month’s mortgage, gas and electric while they worked to get his pay straightened out.

Another soldier had her wallet stolen and a police report was filed.  She was not asking for much.  She just needed some assistance to get prescription medication and gasoline to make it to her next paycheck.

A veteran that lost his job and needed housing assistance in order to keep his family together.  One month’s rent was paid for him.  He soon got a job and was able to keep his family together.

A deployed veteran was returned home with a life threatening illness.  His family had used all paid leave and is now by his side during his painful treatments as he fights for his life.  His family needed assistance with a house payment, utilities and cell phone bills.  We were able to assist his family until we could get the VA assistance and other money to assist with their living expenses.

An active duty army man suffered a head injury and his wife had become a victim of the government job cuts.  He is not able to work but is in a lapse of pay while waiting for the VA benefits to kick in.  We were able to help them with their basic needs.

The spouse of an active duty deployed serviceman rented a home in Des Moines and when they turned on the furnace, the child, the dog and the spouse proceeded to get sick.  After extensive air testing, consulting JAG and civilian attorneys, it was determined by a doctor that they could not live in the home.  The landlord lives in St. Louis and was not the most cooperative.  He blamed the soldier and his wife for bringing the allergens into the house.  It was proven that it was a type of mold and that it was not their fault.  He still would not let them out of the lease so the cost to relocate for medical reasons has been astronomical.  Although the hopes are that they will get some of their money refunded to them, they could not wait to vacate the house.  They were assisted with the deposit on the new rental until her husband’s return.

Thank you again for all of the help you have given to these families that willingly serve their country and their state.  The “hand up” was life changing for some and helped them live with dignity. 

Iowa National Guard
Family Assistant Specialist
7105 NW 70th Ave.
Camp Dodge Bld S70
Johnston, IA  50131

Click here for full details on how to make a donation or become a sponsor. 


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