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In order to completely meet the advertising needs of our customers, the Hawkeye Trader has Partnered with the Show Me Trader, located in Trimble, MO, and the Mid-Mo Trader, located in Paris, MO. One quick call, email, fax, or visit to our website can get your ad published in one, two or three papers

The Hawkeye Trader, hawkeyetrader.com 
P.O. Box 96, Pulaski, IA 52584 | 641-675-3971
90 counties with over 45,000 copies in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois

The Show Me Trader, showmetrader.com
P.O. Box 43, Trimble, MO 64492 | 816-532-3719
66 counties in S. IA,, Northern MO, Eastern Nebraska, NE Kansas, and Western IL

Mid-Mo Trader, mid-motrader.com
25160 Bus. Hwy 24, Paris, MO 65275 | 660-327-5200
30 counties in Central and Eastern MO and Western IL

When your ad is placed in all three publications, it will be seen in over 170 counties in 5 states and online!

Need a website?

Trader Productions is our affiliate which can create for you a modern user-friendly website to represent your company, product, or services in an appealing attractive format that can be easily updated. Design, functionality, and expandability are built in to meet your needs and specifications. Contact Trader Productions at:

Trader Productions, traderproductions.com 
P.O. Box 96, Pulaski, IA 52584 | 641-675-3971
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